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Protektoid update 3.0.2: Oreo support

Protektoid update 3.0.2: Oreo support

The latest release of Protektoid includes two major updates.

  1. stability and performances - we hope app will be far more stable regarding interaction with the system (cause of most of the bugs)
  2. Oreo support

In this post, we will focus on the Oreo support. Another post will explain the other improvements. This post is devided in 4 part, where each of them deals with a specific topic. 

This blog post is partially technical but made for a general audience.

Protektoid release: improved user interface

Protektoid release: improved user interface

The releases of new features are often accompanied by a review of the User Interface, in our to pull the more infos as possible, the best as possible. Protektoid does not against that principle! Find more about it.
Protektoid: speaker at la Nuit du hack XV

Protektoid: speaker at la Nuit du hack XV

Protektoid will be there at the Nuit du hack XV as a speaker. The talk will be about introduction of the permission model implementation in Android, case studies and vulnerabilities in Marshmallow and Nougat
Back from the Nuit du hack 2k16

Back from the Nuit du hack 2k16

As planed, the Nuit du hack (NDH) was a really nice and interesting event. I have not been at the NDH for a really long time and going back with the Protetkoid project was a real pleasure!

Between conferences, wargames and workshops, there were a lot of things to discover and enjoy, even we were Bug Bounty focused, sponsorship oblige.

The nuit du hack 2k16

before describing the event from Protektoid point of view, let me describe the event in general.

From a Black box security to a Full disclosure based security

Web platform Security: the Protektoid way


Web application security has been, is and will definitely remain a hot topic. If we go into the concept of API (kind of interface that allows data processing), this is even more true: nowadays services and platforms strongly rely on the API model but the security of this interface is often uncertain. 

Nuit Du Hack 2016 : Protektoid will be there

Nuit Du Hack 2016: Protektoid will be there (July 2-3, 2016)!

Hi everyone!

This is a last minute announcement for this first showcase but thanks to the current beta-release status of the project, we could not let this happen without Protektoid: I will attend the Nuit Du Hack (NDH) 2016 at Paris, Disneyland, from July 1st to 3rd, 2016 to introduce the Protektoid project. This will also be the opportunity to get in touch with long term acquaintances  (no name, but I think about some directly) and renew the contact with the French IT security community!