Hacktivity 2016: Protektoid will be there!

Hacktivity 2016: Protektoid will be there!

The Hacktivity conference is a pretty old conference (started in 2003). I have been lucky to attend this conference in Budapest for 4 years now. So this is nearly "obvious" that we wanted to sponsor the conference under the Protektoid project, as we are Budapest based. Besides, after the Nuit du hack event that I really enjoyed (https://blog.protektoid.com/nuit-du-hack-2016-and-protektoid), we wanted to renew the experience as a team.

Our sponsorship  has been approved couple of weeks ago but it took us some times to get ready for the conference (we will explain that in a separated post regarding the next update to be released). 


Hacktivity is a 2 day small/middle size conference (around 1,300 participants,) with a really good community and interesting talks. In the last 3 years, attendees have been introduced to OWASP best practices, bug bounties and other really good topics! As stated on their website, "since 2010 Hacktivity has been a fully international event with all programs held bilingually". This is quite helpful when you are talking about conference in Hungary.

Most of the videos are available online on YouTube and I think this is really nice!  (https://www.youtube.com/user/hacktivity)

Protektoid and Hacktivity 2016

Once again, we will be at a security conference as a sponsor and also to present the Protektoid concept both for personal and business users. We will not host a bug bounty challenge this time so we are going to have more time to exchange with participants. We also have "Play with Protektoid" that we are happy to share with you. This small project will be launched during Hacktivity but you can definitely try it online at https://www.protektoid.com/play-with-protektoid.

So, come to us and 

  1. play with Protektoid
  2. play the "unlock me" game (we will have a limited set of locks so come first)
  3. simply talk to us, exchange ideas and share with us your needs. 
  4. give your business cards for follow up

.. more

Do you have questions regarding Protektoid project? Just get in touch with us during the conference (we will try to wear specific shirts!)  or write some comment below.