Nuit Du Hack 2016: Protektoid will be there (July 2-3, 2016)!

Nuit Du Hack 2016 : Protektoid will be there

Hi everyone!

This is a last minute announcement for this first showcase but thanks to the current beta-release status of the project, we could not let this happen without Protektoid: I will attend the Nuit Du Hack (NDH) 2016 at Paris, Disneyland, from July 1st to 3rd, 2016 to introduce the Protektoid project. This will also be the opportunity to get in touch with long term acquaintances  (no name, but I think about some directly) and renew the contact with the French IT security community!

If you attend the NDH, feel free to contact me with the contact form and we will see how we can schedule a talk.

The Nuit Du hack

Nuit du hack - édition 2k16

The Nuit du hack started 14 years ago, this is not to be ignored!

If we consider the notoriety of the project, the size, the current status of the conference is far different from the beginning (such as  Toulouse in 2004)  but the principles and ideas for the conference remain the same, which is in my opinion important to remind: reunify the French IT Security community  (professionals and hackers from all levels). If you add the  "French underground hackers’ event" aspect, mentioned on the conference website (, I think we have here all the elements to define what is the NDH.

For more information, check the page. As in any similar IT security conference, the best way to learn more about NDH is to come and see. The community is really open! 

Protektoid at the NDH 2016 : bug bounty and more

First of all, a big thanks to the NDH organizers and the yes we hack team (and more precisely Thomas and Cédric) for taking our proposal into consideration, talking with me about it and working with me to make this possible, 3 weeks before the conference.

Protektoid will be one of the project of the bug bounty program, concept that is becoming more visible in France and Europe thanks to people like Korben (article in French,  and the platform. Regarding the Bug bounty concept, I learnt more about its objectives and whereabouts during Hacktivity 2014 confrence at Budapest, and more precisely thanks to Nicolas Grégoire (Hunting for Top Bounties, youtube link, and thanks again for the private talks we had). Nice video which explains really well, in my opinion, the bug bounty opportunities, at least from a researcher point of view.

Protektoid and the bug bounty

If we go back to the Nuit du Hack topic, Protektoid will thus be there as a  "Company"  (see the quotes here ..) and not a bug bounty researcher. Come and play with the platform and more precisely the API, the backend reporting system, etc. The API documentation will be made available during the NDH, with a specific instance for the event, so that you can run intensive tests. The complete scope of the bug bounty program will be given during the sessions.

.. more

I will also have the opportunity to introduce the project, the team, the idea, ...  You have questions regarding Protektoid project? the associated bug bounty program during the NDH? Just get in touch with me during the Bug Bounty sessions (I will try to wear a specific sign :D)  or write some comment below.

To summarize