Protektoid in beta-release

Protektoid in beta-release

The project is now going forward!

Besides the technical works, we have already done a first internal and intensive beta-testing. Analyzing tools ( we will detail that soon onthe blog) are setup. The official launch of the beta-version of the project is approaching!

The website is also ready, as for the blog you are currently reading!

Few minor tasks remain to be done and we will launch the first open beta-test round.

Why becoming beta-tester ?

Becoming a  beta-tester, this is testing the application, sending feedbacks and crash report, that is for sure.  But this is also being an active user of the project and better understand it. By trying to play with the application limitations, you will learn how to better use it and make it better.

Becoming a Protektoid beta-tester, this is thus simply helping us making a good Community application and getting the app before anyone. We will obviously be in direct contact with you to listen to your suggestions and answer te best the expectation you will have regarding this app.

How to become a beta-tester ?

Super easy, contact us through the website about page

Leave us a message with your presentation and we will get back to you!