Protektoid Community version 1.4 updates and features

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Protektoid Community version 1.4 updates and features

We talked extensively about the permissions in three major android updates (Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow) in the article Android Permissions on Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. In this article we aim to describe the actions a Protektoid user can take in order to secure an android device.

Protektoid on devices Running Lollipop & Kitkat

Before releasing Protektoid version 1.4 , the only action the user could take was to trust a permission of an app or to uninstall the app altogether in order to increase its User and Social Scores (note that the higher these score, the more secure the device is). However in version 1.4 we have introduced a new button labeled as "Don't like". This button does not increase neither your user or social security scores but it let the rest of the community be informed about malicious apps which eventually will result on a lower social score for the given application.

protektoid permission not liked

Protektoid on devices Running Marshmallow

As explained earlier, users with devices running marshmallow can deny access to dangerous permissions on demand. However users cannot take any action against the normal permissions (such as Network and Bluetooth). Based on this fact, Protektoid shows "Don't like" button for such permissions. As explained earlier, this does not change the User Score of the app but in the grand scheme of scope help us find malicious apps or permissions based on community's input.

Application Completion Score

protektoid app conpletion score

In any application page, you can now pay attention to the Circular Progress next to the app icon. This is "Application Completion Score" which basically informs you about the actions you need to take. This score is increased by Trusting, Disabling (in android Marshmallow) or clicking on "Don't like" button. When the score reaches 100 , it means no action is required on your part unless you are not happy with your security score.

The Completion Score is thus a score to help understand how many decisions you still have to do for each application.  But this is neither your Social or User Security Score which are different and security related concepts.

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