Protektoid Community version 1.6.2 updates and features

Protektoid Community version 1.6.2 updates and features

Today we're releasing a new version of Protektoid Community eddition (ver 1.6.2). We have added some new features with main focus on making it easy to get quick information about critical changes done to your apps both inside Protektoid's app and outside as notifications. We also added Persian language translation to the app which we will go deeper into in another blog post in near future.

Notification in the older versions

If you happen to have installed an earlier version of Protektoid, you might have noticed that notifications were very simply done and they gave you minimum amount of information about recent changes done to your device. After we released the app on the play store and received feedback from our users, they complained about the lack of useful information. We listened and re-designed the entire notification system.

In this article we're going to explain the changes and how you can make the most of the information given to you to your advantage, in order to increase your scores altogether! 

Notification Objective: being always Aware

With this new update you get notified about the changes done to recently installed or updated applications. These changes are basically the permissions that application ask when they are either installed or updated. For instance imagine you had an ExampleApp installed and the only permissions it used were Camera and Network. If ExampleApp asked for Microphone permission after you updated it (or it was updated automatically), you get this info in your notification area and also in the recent changes section of your Protektoid's Dashboard. 

single app updated

As you see in the figure above, there is a "Configure It" button which will take you to this application page in order for you to review its permissions. In this figure , this application did not ask for a new permission so after its name you find "no new permissions".

Android Notification Gestures

There are certain touch gestures to manage notifications in android since the Jelly Beans update. Most of android users are already familiar with these gestures. However, we're gonna explain the ones that are applied to Protektoid's notifications. If you swipe left or right a single notification, it will be removed from status bar (although some notifications are fixed like music applications notification which is used for controlling the media). The other gesture is swipe down (in some devices or versions of android this is done by swiping down 2 fingers) which will expand the notification.

Look at the following figures :

multiple apps updated compact

As you see in this figure, the notification is very compact but a lot of information about each app which will be revealed when you swipe down:

multiple apps updated expanded

In the expanded view of this notification you can see the changes made to each application and in the bottom of it you'll find the "Recent Changes" button which will take you to the recent changes of your application to see the full report of changes of recently changed applications with their related permissions. 

Recent Changes Segment

You might have already noticed the Recent Changes segment in your Dashboard if not, simply swipe right while you're on Dashboard page. Recent Changes is the last page. The only changes that is made is about the new permissions an application has asked. see the figure below : 

recent changes segment dashboard

Application Removal Notification

If you are an old Protektoid user , you know that we also had another notification which was fired whenever an application was uninstalled. After re-thinking the whole notification mechanism, we decided to get rid of this notification because it did not give any information that the user did not know before hand. Action of uninstalling an app only happens by the user so this notification was in a way useless. 

These are the changes that we made to make the process of communicating information quicker and simpler for our users to make a overall better experience and help them secure their device faster and more efficient. Please let us know in the comments below your thoughts or suggestions , we are always looking for new Ideas !