Protektoid Community version 1.6.3: user-reviewed notifications

Protektoid Community version 1.6.3: user-reviewed notifications

Protektoid let's you easily review and configure application permissions settings to improve your device security and control you privacy.

Protektoid is also a collaboration tool that allows you to anonymously share your setting with other users to get dedicated recommendations, once you are logged in on the system.

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These dedicated recommendations rely on applications scores that let you understand what does the Protektoid Community recommends: disabling the access for the application A to the camera or allowing the access to Storage for application B. etc. Such recommendations are automatically downloaded from our servers on a daily basis. However, keeping track of these changes and be aware of new recommendations available on your devices was not an easy task before today.

With version 1.6.3, we introduce the concept of  "application is user-reviewed" notification, the first step to let you know about social recommendation changes. 

Find below more about it!

Protektoid Social network and application status

application page permission groups

As you can see on each application page, each permission belongs to one of the following three statuses: validated/rejected/pending.

  • "validated" means that Protektoid Community recommends to keep this permission as it is
  • "rejected" means that Protektoid Community recommends to change your permission settings and eventually remove the applications for devices before marshmallow
  • "Pending" means that the platform does not have sufficient user review and can not thus give back any reliable status suggestion.

As soon as an app gets sufficient reviews, its permissions can be reviewed and assigned a status.

Social Notifications

Social Notification Objective: being always of project data updates

The main user-independent update of the application scores consists how the whole project deals with the notion of "pending status" for each permission of each app. However, it becomes then hard to follow such changes on Protektoid algorithms are they are not user-action dependent. For this reason, we added the concept of social notification, and more precisely, the  "application is user-reviewed" notification.

The "application is user-reviewed" notification

We recently wrote a blog post about how we reviewed Protektoid Notification system (see The application is user-reviewed notification follows the same principles.

If only one application has been reviewed since the notifications was triggered, we display all the update-related information

single app social status changed

If more than one application has been reviewed, we then display a general notification messages.

multiple app social status changed

It will suggest you open the recent changes page, that we redesigned to include this "user-reviewed" notification.

recent changes with social status updates

Future notifications

With this new version of Protektoid, you are now aware of both system changes (version 1.6.2) and user-reviewed applications (version 1.6.3). We are already working on new notifications so that you are device security is always up-to-date and optimized. But feel free to let us know if you have suggestions or feedback to share with us.