Nuit Du Hack 2016 : Protektoid will be there

Nuit Du Hack 2016: Protektoid will be there (July 2-3, 2016)!

Hi everyone!

This is a last minute announcement for this first showcase but thanks to the current beta-release status of the project, we could not let this happen without Protektoid: I will attend the Nuit Du Hack (NDH) 2016 at Paris, Disneyland, from July 1st to 3rd, 2016 to introduce the Protektoid project. This will also be the opportunity to get in touch with long term acquaintances  (no name, but I think about some directly) and renew the contact with the French IT security community!

Protektoid in beta-release

Protektoid in beta-release

The project is now going forward! Besides the technical works, we have already done a first internal and intensive beta-testing. The official launch of the beta-version of the project is approaching.